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Birdy Tg is a French artist, visual artist (photographer, painter, sculptor) and writer (novelist, essayist, philosopher, poet). Passionate since a very young age by Art in all its forms, he completed his university studies by scientific studies for which he obtained a Doctorate. A journey, unusual for an artist, leading to an atypical work. He defines himself, above all, as a storyteller and a humanist philosopher.

Among his various artistic skills, he always favors the one that allows him to express himself artistically with the most sincere emotion. Each discipline must be complementary to the other and, in no way, any repetition. So he refrains from using Visual Art as a simple illustration of his novels (and vice versa) and he willingly promotes allegory, thanks to which he can find the freedom to reinforce the purpose and to deepen the philosophical questioning. Birdy Tg particularly loves interdisciplinary symbiosis and synergy, relentlessly catalyzing his quest for a renewal of Global Art.

Art critics have described his work as conceptual, philosophical, narrative, allegorical, dreamlike, romantic, symbolic and diegetic. The artist most often questions human nature, its equivocal and dangerous border zones beyond which everything can suddenly switch, but also the human soul and its emotional imprints, as well as all the great mysteries of life to which man has always had to confront itself through History, Art, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Religion and Science.
For his visual creations, Birdy Tg uses Photography in an unconventional way. He uses photographic pixels as a painter works with his pigments and brushes on the canvas. Furthermore, he never excludes concomitant use of drawing and painting.

Its artistic goal is most certainly to recreate the splendor and the sharp sense of detail, the exuberance of clues and codes, which made the great days of classical painting, but in a very contemporary way, exploiting all modern technologies at its disposal, while regularly developing innovative approaches. If he fully masters all photographic techniques, he denies the sole purpose of considering them only as simple useful means to reach his paradigm.
His favorite artistic expression undoubtedly resides in the realization of very large complex frescoes, performed by digital collage, in which he can go as far as including several thousands of individual photographs and several hundred of drawn or painted parts. This implies a very long and very meticulous work which can require up to more than 6 months of constant work for the realization of a single artwork, thus making the work of Birdy Tg, one of the most accomplished in the world in his speciality.
There can be no accident, no approximation, in his work. Everything must be carefully prepared in advance - from the philosophical statement to the identification of the visual keys relating to the questioning of the work, from the preparatory sketches to the perfect realization of the individual shots - in order to allow a perfect construction and a flawless finalization thanks to which he can create, from a scene initially virtual - but actually made up of thousands of juxtaposed small realities - the miraculous evidence of an ever existing truth in which its witness can henceforth believe and project himself with confidence and insurance.
His imposing works capture the viewer inside his very particular personal universe, for an experience of total immersion, inviting him to an irrefutable treasure hunt for all the clues and evidence purposefully swarmed in the work. This is how Birdy Tg encourages its audience to go beyond its traditional expectative passivity to become a real actor involved in the center of an investigation and a reflection that will allow him to take a position on the underlying philosophical questioning that the artist submits.
Stranger to all traditional classifications and far removed from the tide of redundant photographic images to which we are subjected every day, the unique style of Birdy Tg is immediately identified. It is obviously a very intellectual work, but Birdy Tg strives, through the many levels of reading offered, from the evidence of primary aesthetics to the most hermetic degree, to make his work accessible to each. Children, just as much as esthetes and art specialists can each find subject, interest and pleasure.

Sandrine Gulian – Official biographer of the artist

AWARDS in 2018/2019



« Fine-Art » Category for « Lux Ex Tenebris » by Birdy Tg.



in Portfolio Category for « Echoes of Outer Voices and Subtle Clues » series.



“Alternative Process” Category for « Echoes of Outer Voices and Subtle Clues » series.



“Open Theme” Category for « Echoes of Outer Voices and Subtle Clues » series.


-        HONORABLE MENTION at GALA PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS – 11th POLLUX AWARDS (2018) - USA - “Manipulation/Collages” Category for « Echoes of Outer Voices and Subtle Clues » series.


-        HONORABLE MENTION at GALA PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS – 11th POLLUX AWARDS (2018)- USA - “Fine-Art” Category for « Echoes of Outer Voices and Subtle Clues » series.


-        BRONZE MEDAL WINNER at MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS (Mifa) 2018 – RUSSIA in Portfolio Category - Fine Arts for "Echoes of Outer Voices and Subtle Clues" series.


-        HONORABLE MENTION at the INTERNATIONAL EYEWIN AWARDS 2018 for “Lord of Butterflies” by Birdy Tg.


-        HONORABLE MENTION at the INTERNATIONAL EYEWIN AWARDS 2018 for “Legacy Cells” by Birdy Tg.


-        HONORABLE MENTION at the INTERNATIONAL EYEWIN AWARDS 2018 for “Lux Ex Tenebris” by Birdy Tg.


-        GOLD MEDAL WINNER (1st prize - Best Creative Photograph of the Year) at the INTERNATIONAL EYEWIN AWARDS 2018  - New Delhi – INDIA, for “Insomnia” by Birdy Tg.




-        SHORTLISTED into the 12 Finalists List at the GLOBAL ART AWARDS 2018 - DUBAI (U.A.E.)


-        HONORABLE MENTION at CHROMATIC AWARDS 2018 for “The Last Supper” (Tête à Tête) by Birdy Tg.


-        NOMINATED at the COLOR AWARDS 2019 – Beverly Hills – USA for “Fate of Innocence” by Birdy Tg.


-        NOMINATED at the COLOR AWARDS 2019 – Beverly Hills – USA for “Insomnia” by Birdy Tg.


 -        CO-WINNER of the Tusis Project Co-Winner – Venice – USA and selected in the 6 artists shown into the “TUSIS – Manipulated Photography” A Statement on Best international Digital Artists in Contemporary Digital Manipulation Photography – USA – Editor: Dek Unu Arts – October 2019


Birdy Tg will not take part in other international art competition in 2019 to concentrate himself only on the release of his coming art book: “Echoes of Outer Voices and Subtle Clues” to be edited in 2019.






-        « 1st International Paris Photography Art Fair » – La 4ème Image – Solo Exhibition : « Drawing my Line » - Paris - FRANCE 2013

-        « 2nd International Paris Photography Art Fair » - La 4ème Image – Solo Exhibition : « In the Garden of God and the Devil" - Paris - FRANCE 2014

-        « Celina Art Gallery » - « I Hold My Line » Solo Exhibition - LUXEMBOURG 2014

-        « Galerie 44 Kléber" - Solo Exhibition - Paris - FRANCE 2015

-        « Corridor Elephant Exhibition » - Paris - Birdy Tg exhibition (August 16 – Sept 14, 2016)


In 2015, Birdy Tg decided to stop all kind of Exhibitions for the coming 3 years to exclusively concentrate on his new books and new visual series (he just kept his main retrospective show that were scheduled for a long time). He exhibits again from the second part of 2018.


-        « Birdy Tg Restrospective » - Croissy-Sur-Seine Castle and Museum - Paris – FRANCE - Juin 2017

-      Museum Of Contemporary Arts (MoCA) Beijing – Beijing – CHINA – September 15 / November 1, 2018

-      Mark Rothko National Museum – Daugavpils - LETTONIA – February/April 2019

-      Chongquing Museum of Arts – Chongquing - CHINA – 2020

-      Songzhuang Contemporary Art Achive Museum – Beijing – CHINA – 2020

-      National Museum of Arts – Minsk – BELARUS – 2021




-        « Mega Art Gallery Artists » – Mega Art Gallery - Roma – ITALY October/November 2017

-      « TIFA Winners – Best of Show » -  ICA Gallery, Tokyo – JAPAN – May 2018

-      International Eyewin Awards 2018 – Winners exhibition -  Invited as “Best Digital Artist of the Year 2018” and winner of best creative photograph (Gold medal) for “Insomnia” by Birdy Tg -Alliance Française – New Dehli – INDIA – From July 7, 2018.

-      Invited Guest to the 5th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography – Barcelona – SPAIN October 4 / October 21, 2018.

-      “Salon d’Automne” – Official Selection – Le Grand Palais- Champs- Elysées – Paris – FRANCE – October 24 / October 28, 2018.

-      « Conceptual » Show – Winners exhibition – Blank Wall Gallery – Athens – GREECE – November 1 / November 24, 2018.

-      Pashmin Art Gallery Show – Hamburg – GERMANY – January/February 2019

-        « I Suoi Colori e le Sue Forme » - Mega Art Gallery - Roma – ITALY – February 23 / March 17, 2019.

-        Pashmin Art Gallery – 4 persons exhibition: Man and His Symbols - Nille Bech (Denmark), Birdy Tg (France), Nick Coley (England), and Eva-Lena Martinson (Sweden) – June 2 / July 31, 2019.

-        Swiss Art Expo – Zurich – August 2019.

-        « Aaj our Kal » Exhibition – New Delhi – India (Arsh Art Group Galleries) – September 2019.

-        Vatican Chancellery Palace – Roma – Italia – October 17 to 23, 2019.

-        Forli International Art Fair – (Mega Art Gallery) – Forli / Venice - Italy – November 1 to 3,  2019.

-        Paris Contemporary Art Show – Paris – France - November 7 to 11, 2019.

-        Pashmin Art Gallery / Chongqing – Chongqing – CHINA - 2020

-        Art Fair 2020 Beijing – Beijing – CHINA -  April 30 to May 3, 2020

-        Pashmin Art gallery / Beijing – Beijing – CHINA – 2020




-        Arte Fotografica Magazine N°58 – Front Cover and special personal 12 Pages Portfolio Lisboa – Portugal 2013

-        « Drawing My Line » Birdy Tg Monograph - 212 pages monograph book – 2013

-        « Fragantica » - Exhibition in a showcase – Sergey Borisov –« Violette Fumée »Serie- 2013

-        « La 4ème Image » Catalog – October 2013

-        Platform 58 Art Magazine N°73 – England 2014

-        Platform 58 Art Magazine N°75 – England 2014

-        Platform 58 Art Magazine N°77 – England 2014

-        Platform 58 Art Magazine N°81 – England 2014

-        Bayerische Welt : « Birdy Tg breaks all the Photography limits we used to know before… » - by Art Critic Hans Herrmann - July 13, 2014

-        « I Hold My Line » Birdy Tg Monograph - 380 pages monograph book in 2 volumes – 2014 – Birdyland Editions

-        « La 4ème Image » exhibition catalog – October 2014

-        Luxemburger Wort: Birdy Tg Solo Exhibition « I Hold My Line » by Art Critic Nathalie Becker ( « Birdy Tg : Real visual Poems » ) – November 26, 2014.

-        « Exposure Art Photography Collection » - Artists Book – 2015

-        « La 4ème Image » Catalog – October 2015

-        "In the Garden of God and the Devil" – The Novel by Birdy Tg - Issue end 2016

-        "In the Garden of God and the Devil" - Monograph - Birdy Tg: Photography, painting, sculpture. Issue 2016

-        Corridor Elephant magazine (France/International web mag) : Birdy Tg (August 16, 2016).

-        IAM : Italian ART MAGAZINE : Birdy Tg Photography – Visual Art – “Visual Poems, Tales and Dramas” - October 2017

-        November 23, 2017: Web article about Birdy Tg on IDEAS DE RUA - BRAZIL (contains many pics including my latest artworks)

-        «EYEWIN AWARDS Winners »  Book – India - July 2018

-        « Echoes of Outer Voices and Subtle Clues » – first of a 5 volumes Monograph on Birdy Tg by Corridor Elephant Editions. Volume 1: 250 pages book including Birdy Tg’s Literature and Visual Art (Photography, mixed media, Painting). January 2019.

-        L’OEIL DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE - October 4, 2018 : « Birdy Tg – L’Opéra Fabuleux, Dans le Jardin de Dieu et du Diable, Architectures – Exposition au MoCA Beijing - Chine  » par Jean-Jacques Naudet & Sandrine Gulian.

-        THE EYE OF PHOTOGRAPHY - October 4, 2018 : « Birdy Tg – The Fabulous Opera, In the Garden of God and the Devil, Architectures – MoCA Beijing Exhibition - China » by Jean-Jacques Naudet & Sandrine Gulian..

-        SALON D’AUTOMNE Exhibition Catalog – October 2018.

-        DOHDO Magazine – November 3, 2018, « L’Opéra Fabuleux by Birdy Tg » by Maxim Panès & Birdy Tg.

-        DOHDO MAGAZINE – February 4, 2019 – Birdy Tg Exhibition at the Mark Rothko Museum

-        L’OEIL DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE – Birdy Tg – L’Opéra Fabuleux – February 8, 2019.

-        THE EYE OF PHOTOGRAPHY- Birdy Tg – The Fabulous Opera – February 8, 2019.

-        GLOBAL ART MAGAZINE – Man and his Symbols - Germany – July 2019

-        “TUSIS – Manipulated Photography” A Statement on Best international Digital Artists in Contemporary Digital Manipulation Photography – USA – Editor: Dek Unu Arts – October 2019.

-        DEK UNU Art Magazine - fully consecrated to Birdy Tg – November issue – 2019.




-       Beijing Leader Arts and Culture Foundation – Beijing – China.






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The German Art Critic, Hans Herrmann, writes about Birdy Tg:

“Birdy Tg pushes further and breaks for well all the Photography limits we used to know before… His Art is unique in the World!” 

“…Birdy Tg’s style is very unique and strong, escaping to all traditional classifications, far from what is usually given to see in the nowadays tidal wave of images.

Meanwhile, if a classification is needed, his photography could be described as Lyrical, Poetic, Oneiric, Allegorical and Romantic. He, himself, always describes his photographs as Visual Poems and Dramas.


Whatever, we are in presence of a body of artwork, in no way coincidental, but extremely meticulous and thought, and which makes think.

Each of the smallest details, even the most hidden ones, provides yet more evidences to serve the underlying philosophical comment. Most of his artworks are stuffed of coded messages but also of a bunch of literature, painting, cinema, photography references and work as a true treasure hunt for those who want to go further…

There is for sure the prime impact of the skill then always the possibility to dive deeper in Birdy Tg’s endless world… Birdy Tg uses a lot of different photography techniques, drawing and paintings that he patiently mixes in very large format frescoes. Some of his most recent works (in 2014) include more than 800 photographs in a single artwork which required over several thousand hours to produce.

Those large photographic « collages » use the most recent techniques of post-production to create what he describes as « Virtual Realities »:

« I want the viewer to be in front of a scene, of course virtual, but, made of hundreds small realities all linked together, it finally soon appears as a whole true and authentic entity, telling the story I want to lead the viewer in.»  (Birdy Tg)

His photography often plays with a rich palette of dark tones and focused light in a very elegant way, his aesthetics being not without reminding the classic Japanese Art by the whole aestheticism but also for the rigour of the global construction of the artwork

With no contradiction, there is in Birdy Tg, all of the fiddly profusion and the creative genius madness of Hieronymus Bosch or Richard Dadd, but also all of the German Romanticism, inside his palette, the lights ripping out the obscurity, the characters facing the elements and their own fears, the strong print of Literature and Philosophy, of the Irrational and the Utopia… It’s certainly not a hazard if Joseph Anton Koch and Birdy Tg, both, give worship to Dante Alighieri and his “Divine Comedy”, if Birdy Tg Pays homage to Eduard Biermannn with is work “Salvation”, if we feel so well the Caspar David Friedrich ‘s atmospheres in many works like “A Secret Universe” or “The Secret of Cloud Cities” … One can’t do otherwise than thinking about the “Oeuvre Totale” (“Total Magnum Opus”) concept so close to Philipp Oto Runge’s heart when Birdy Tg champions a visual art work which makes one and only one with his music, his writing, his painting, his sculpture in lauding: “Art is One and Indivisible. All is One and one is All” (Birdy Tg – 2014).

 It’s also very interesting to notice furthermore than Birdy Tg’s work often refers to numerous German Artists as the expressionist Franz Von Stuck to whom Birdy Tg pays tribute in “Eine berlinische Nostalgie” (“Remember Berlin” Serie), or the Sculptors Rudolf Belling in “Drawing the Line” (“Time Flies” Serie) and Waldemar Grizmek for who he devotes the “Ages of Life” full Serie.

Birdy Tg’s artistic expression is definitively modern and contemporary. I personally have the feeling that he could tackle any style, making it His Style, with verve thanks to his obvious wide artistic culture. This is precisely what I had the chance to confirm when I recently saw for the first time his new Serie: “In the Garden of God and the Devil” in which I discovered brand new art works in which he has mixed with success and no contradiction at all, so many different styles together as Baroque, Caricature, Surrealism, Minimal Art, in the most natural way.

There is this permanent ferment, this incessant renewal, this constant fresh air, this perpetual questioning, this endless risk-taking and meanwhile this undisputable style homogeneity. Everything hit the target, as it happens.

This is most surely what makes Birdy Tg’s style so unique…”  (Hans Herrmann – Art Critic – Germany 2014)


The Art Critic from Luxembourg, Nathalie Becker writes about Birdy Tg into « The Luxemburger Wort »:

“True Visual Poems: Birdy Tg shows his very unique and powerful style at the Celina Gallery (see the whole press article: November 26, 2014): “True visual poems, strong and unusual artworks, processed as freeze frames…; oneiric, baroque, surrealist frescoes…; with an incredible luminist and metaphorical style, Birdy Tg establishes himself as a genius conjurer who leads the viewer into the story he wants to tell him…” (Nathalie Becker – 2014)


The French Art Critic and Professor at the French Fine Art Academy, Eric Vivié states in 2015: 

 “… Birdy Tg is undoubtedly the leader of the diegetic and lyrical conceptual art movement for Photography…” (Eric Vivier – 2015)